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Red Shoe Media

The Radio Dish™ – Talk Radio Program

The Show is intelligent, savvy and informative while dished up with a generous serving of humor.  This refreshing show will energize, inspire and entertain you.  The Radio Dish™ is always at the tip of your fingers.  Whether you listen live on your local station or listen via podcast now, you won’t want to miss a single show! Finally, a talk radio program that tempts everyone’s taste buds!

Red Shoe Media™ – Other Productions

Voice Over Work and  Audio Books:

Red Shoe Media provides quality voice over work for commercials, on hold messages,  and narration services.  Our services include talent, production and mastering services with timely turnaround times based on the size of project and needs of the client.  Red Shoe Media provides professional customized services to meet and exceed the clients expectations.


Feature programming is a great way to enhance radio stations variety and content.  Red Shoe Media has unique and quality features for stations in all market, with more in development. Please listen to the demo’s below and contact us for more information about features for your station.

Features are a perfect way  to highlight your business while providing quality information to the listener and consumer. If you would like to develop a feature or want more information about how features work, please call or email us, we will be happy to walk you through the process.